Hastings Stewardship Council

Winter Speaker Series 2018


January 25: Black Bear Biology, Behavior, Population and Trends in Ontario- Collin Higgins MNRF Biologist


Febuary 15: Ancient Forest Organization and the Plight of the Hemlocks- Mike Henry, Ancient Forest Exploration and Research


March 1: Going Solar- Brad Leonard, Friendly Fires


March 15:  Napanee Limestone Plain and Alvar- Our Subtly Surprising Local Landscape- Mark Stabb Nature Conservancy Canada


March 29: Health Solution: Building Soil Carbon in a Changing Climate- Joel Willams – BioLife Ag


All events will be Held Thursday evenings at the Huntington Veterans Community Hall in Ivanhoe 11379 Highway 62, Ivanhoe                          Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/h77yqFf9k9F2