Trenton Woodlot Conference at Batawa

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Trenton Woodlot Conference at Batawa


2016 Trenton Woodlot Conference 27th Annual 

Dr Dianne Saxe Ontario Environmental Commissioner                              Barb Boysen- Shooting a moving target-Conservation and Restoring Forest in a Changing Climate.                                                                    Steve D' Eon-Managing Your Forest in a Changing Climate  

Afternoon Indoor Speakers- Ewa Bednarczuk-Prairies and Savannahs in the Lower Trent Watershed, Peter Fuller Native Plants in our Local Woodlots and Paul Richardson of Richardson's Pineneedle Farm-Tree Propagation.

Outdoors we will have local experts conducting guided walks around Batawa, showcasing the Trent Canal a Tree ID and Ridge walk and Bea Heissler leading a walk Field to Forest Succession: Observations and discussions on interrelationships within this changing community and how we fit in.
There will also be many exhibitors and craftsman. BBQ on Wheels will be providing a tasty lunch, as well as hot beverages and cookies in the morning. 

Please remember we will be at the Batawa Community Center again this year.

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2015 Trenton Woodlot Conference will be at the Batawa Community Centre 81 Plant St, Batawa, ON K0K 1E0